Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

This field focuses on concepts of electrical engineering, electronic devices and relevant software. Electrical and Communications is a discipline within electrical engineering. The course involves the study of application of mathematical and scientific principles to design and integrate electrical and electronics systems. The course also includes the study of the mechanism involved in generation of electrical power. Students also learn about development and operation of communication technology. The course includes telecommunication and computer programming apart from core subjects like electronics engineering, telecommunications engineering, laser and optical engineering and integrated circuit design.

The prime focus of EC Engineering can be said to be on design, analysis and manufacturing of electronic and communication circuits. Some of the important subjects covered in this discipline include- Control systems, Logic design, VLSI, PCB Design, Circuit Networks, Integrated circuits, Electrical systems, Communication engineering, Signal processing, Sensors etc.


To get a better idea about the course structure, let us go through a list of important subjects present in this program. Note: Only the important subjects have been mentioned.